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Eastern Terrace – Cemetery



In the Middle Ages the eastern terrace played a role of the cemetery, where the Malbork convent knights and monks were buried. According to medieval tradition, a cemetery was a garden at the same time.


Today the grave plates gathered here from different periods relate to the old function of this area. On the right, there are six original teutonic grave stones from the 14th century, coming from the old convent cenetery in the Gdańsk castle.  Among other p[lates, undoubtedly the most interenstin one is the grave plate of Knight Wolf von der Oelsnitz from 1593, leaning against the elevation of the High Castle, brought here from the Ostrowin cemetery in 1901. On the left, it is worth to have a look at a group of Mennonite steles and epitaphs from the 2nd half of the 18th and the 1st half of the 19th century, brought from the cemeteries in Malbork surroundings, for instance from Stogi.